Intraoral Radiology for The Veterinary Team: Performance and Marketing


Intraoral radiology is necessary, and required, to accurately diagnose and provide appropriate treatment recommendations for canine and feline dentistry. This one-day course is for the veterinary technician team with specific break out work shop and laboratory sections for the veterinarian and technician. The course is designed to introduce, improve, and enhance intraoral radiology positioning, acquisitioning, and interpretation in the canine and feline patient. Understanding the normal and abnormal opacities and lucencies will help guide the veterinary medical team to provide increased patient care and client service. Participants will learn normal and abnormal roentgen signs of oral and dental pathology by working through the presented curriculum and actively challenging themselves in assessing the image loaded lecture workshop. The participants will learn how to implement and utilize intraoral radiographs successfully in their practices. 

Learning Objectives:

1.    Participants will learn normal roentgen anatomy.
2.   Participants will learn roentgen signs for common oral and dental diseases  (e.g., periodontal disease, endodontic disease, feline tooth resorption, canine tooth resorption, neoplasia).  
3. Participants will learn what can be hidden in areas of missing teeth (e.g., retained tooth roots, dentigerous cysts).
4.   Participants will understand how common and hidden clinical exam findings can have major disease below the gumline captured by intraoral radiographs.
5. Veterinarians will learn how to recognize, describe, and make treatment recommendations based on intraoral radiographs. 
6. Veterinarians will learn how identify the types of feline tooth resorption for treatment planning.
7. Veterinarians will apply diagnostic skills to assess intraoral radiographs. 
8. Participants will learn the infraorbital, maxillary, mental, and mandibular nerve blocks. 
9. Participants will learn regional analgesic medications used in veterinary dentistry. 
10. Participants will learn sequelae and complications associated with regional analgesia in the maxillofacial region.
11. Participants will learn the intraoral radiographic bisecting angle technique for the maxillary dentition and some mandibular dentition in the dog and cat. 
12. Participants will learn the intraoral radiographic parallel technique for the mandibular dentition in the dog and cat. 
13. Participants will learn the intraoral radiographic occlusal technique for the maxillary and mandibular incisors in the dog and cat. 
14. Technicians will learn maintenance and application of oil to dental hand pieces.
15. Technicians will learn general maintenance and care of a highspeed dental unit. 
16. Technicians will learn how to sharpen dental instruments (e.g. curettes, scalers, elevators, luxators).
17. Participants will understand methods to provide value services for their patient care and clients. 
18. Participants will learn techniques to improve efficiency, service, patient care, and client satisfaction. 
19. Participants will be presented a paradigm shift for delivery of dentistry and oral surgery services in community practices. 

Course Curriculum (Lecture Limited to 24 Participants)


  1. Intraoral Radiographic Interpretation (2 hour – Veterinarian and Technician)

  2. Dental and Oral Assessment/Diagnosis with Intraoral Radiographs for the Veterinarian (2 hour - Veterinarian)

  3. Regional Analgesia in the Veterinary Patient - Laboratory (1-hour Veterinarian and 1-hour Technician)

  4. Intraoral Radiology Positioning and Image Acquisition Laboratory(1-hour Veterinarian and 2-hour Technician)

  5. Dental Equipment and Instrumentation Care and SharpeningLaboratory (1 hour - Technician)

  6. Implementing and Improving Compliance of Intraoral Radiology in Your Practice (2 hour – Veterinarian and Technician)

Course Date and Location:

March 9, 2019
Vancouver, WA


Kevin S. Stepaniuk, DVM, FAVD
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

Alice M. Sievers, DVM
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College


DVM: $550.00 (email to register)

Tech: $375.00 (email to register)

DVM/Tech Team: $750.00 (Website Price)

8 CE CREDITS - Race Approval Pending

March 9, 2019

Lunch and Refreshments Provided