Finicky Feline Dentistry: Pathology Recognition, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Surgical Skills 


This 2-day lecture and laboratory course focuses on feline dentistry, dental and oral pathology, oral medicine, intraoral radiology, surgical extractions, and subgingival crown amputations, in order to strengthen the veterinarian’s knowledge and skill in the domestic cat. Complete oral examination, charting, and treatment planning will be thoroughly reviewed. Discussion of intraoral radiographic acquisition and interpretation, periodontal disease, gingivostomatitis, tooth resorption, common oral tumors, and extraction techniques will be presented with numerous visual aids to enhance learning and increase retention for the attendees. Pathophysiology and treatment planning for the aforementioned diseases will be covered. Clinical cases will be used to set the stage for step-by-step presentations for feline mucoperiosteal flap creation, tooth extractions and subgingival crown amputations. Extraction pitfalls and complications will be presented to help attendees minimize complications and address complications if they should occur in clinical practice. Regional nerve blocks will be reviewed and practiced. The laboratory will provide the opportunity to develop and enhance clinical skills. “This program has been approved for 16 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. “ 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn current knowledge of pathophysiology, diagnostics, treatment options, and surgical techniques regarding feline periodontal disease, “gingivostomatitis” (mucositis), tooth resorption, fractured teeth, and common oral neoplasia.

  2. Participants will learn regional analgesia for feline dentistry.

  3. Participants will learn intraoral dental radiology image acquisition and interpretation.

  4. Participants will learn surgical extractions of the feline dentition.

  5. Participants will learn how to and when to perform feline subgingival crown amputations with intentional root retention.

  6. Participants will gain and increase knowledge, confidence, and skill diagnosing and treating feline dental and oral diseases.

Course Curriculum (Lecture/Lab Limited to 16 Participants) - 16 Hours CE

Day 1:

Lectures: 4 Hours

  1. Lecture 1: Feline Dental and Oral anatomy, Clinical Oral Examination, Nomenclature, and Dental Charting  

  2. Lecture 2: Feline Intraoral Radiology Interpretation  

  3. Lecture 3: Feline Periodontal Disease, Oral Inflammation, Mucositis, and “Gingivostomatitis” Pathophysiology and Treatment  

  4. Lecture 4: Step-By-Step Regional Nerve Blocks, Mucoperiosteal Flaps and Surgical Extractions in the Feline Patient  

Lab: 4 Hours    

  1. Surgical extraction of dentition, mucoperiosteal flaps, intraoral radiography, regional nerve blocks

Day 2:

Lectures: 4 Hours

  1. Lecture 5: Feline Tooth Resorption and Step-By-Step Subgingival Crown Amputations and Intentional Root Retention  

  2. Lecture 6: Complications and Management of Complications During Feline Extractions  

  3. Lecture 7: Fractured Teeth and Feline Endodontic Disease  

  4. Lecture 8: Feline Oral Tumor Recognition and Treatment  

  5. Lecture 9: Clinical Cases and Clinical Decision Making – Putting it All Together  

Lab: 4 hours

  1. Subgingival crown amputations, mucoperiosteal flaps, removal of retained roots, intraoral radiography, surgical extractions

Course Date and Location:

January 11 and 12, 2020
Vancouver, WA


Kevin S. Stepaniuk, DVM, FAVD
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

Alice M. Sievers, DVM
Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College









January 11 and 12, 2020

Lunch and Refreshments Provided